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Moving to a new rom what will happen to my A2SD(+) data?

Guest Asselberghs

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Hi guys.

I am asking on behaf of a friend, as I myself have been a bit "scared" off of constantly flashing my phone. My phone has become quite slow after several flashes.

Anyway. He´s using MoDaCO MCR with either A2SD or A2SD+, can´t remember sorry. Now he´s curious about Cyanogenmod. Cyanogenmod is as far as I can tell based upon Android´s native A2SD with some enhancements. will he be able to just maintain his app partition and flash the rom? or can that not be done and he has to wipe the partition and start over? I know that the difference between A2SD and A2SD+ is Dalvik Cache moved to SD card. But I don´t know if A2SD,A2SD+,A2Ext and stuff like that are universal to all roms or something specificly done by the developer. Should he be able to do the move? or is that something that shoulden´t be done? moving A2SD partitions between roms of different developers?

Kind Regards


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Normally, when you switch to a different Rom, it is a good idea, to clear everything before flashing the new Rom, meaning erase /system, /data, cache, and also the ext

partition used for A2SD, you could backup the applications beforehand with titanium backup, and try restoring afterwards. If you do not clear everything, there is a big risk,

that you run into a bootloop.

Beware, that the Cyanogenmod Rom is a pure android Rom, that does not contain Sense.

Do take a nandroid backup including the ext partition, before doing anything, then you can always go back to the current setup.


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