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unable to 'wipe data/factory reset' (cannot mount sd-ext partition)

Guest pedrojaime

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Hello good people,

I am hoping someone has seen this issue before. A few days back I noticed my clockwork backups were not quite working as expected. I get the same error running a backup as when I run 'wipe data/factory reset':

Formatting DATA:...

Formatting CACHE:...

Formatting SDEXT:...

E: Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 (file exists)

Error mounting /sd-ext/!

Skipping format...

Formatting SDCARD:/..android_secure...

Data wipe complete.

Today, connecting the line out jack my media player went crazy (started skipping through all my mp3s until I decided to reboot. Now I am left without a phone because I cannot get the OS to come back. I tried resetting, pulling the battery out/restoring previus backup, restoring the baseling FTB ROM backup and finally re-flashing twrock's FTB ROM but its just refusing to work. Its a new (3-month-old class 10 microSD card). Now i just tried another ROM and it still gets stuck on the boot animation screen, never gets past that stage. Just tried to re-flash FTP and get thi time:
Installing update...

Formatting SYSTEM

Copying files...

E: Failure at line 8:

copy_dir PACKAGE:data DATA: 

Installation aborted.

I am about to try the same procedure on an old 2gb SD card I had before buying this 8gb one to see if its the SD card partitions that is the problem.

EDIT: 2gb card works, have now successfully wiped and re-installed toti's 2.1 rom on this card but as before, its stuck in a booting loop so now trying to re-flash FTB on the old 2gb sdcard..

Any advice on partitioning to have a completely clean build this time?

Many thanks,


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OK! making some progress now! Just finished restoring completely my backup to the old 2gb SD card and everything is working perfectly. It would seem that my SD-EXT partition got corrupted in the new card so I am reading the Pulse guide..

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