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First ever brick - and it's not my fault!

Guest simonta

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Hi folks

Tearing my hair out!

I've been flashing devices for years and never had a brick. Now I've got one and as far as I can figure out, it's not my fault!

Standard retail unbranded ROM (got the phone through an employee discount scheme direct from a distributor). Got the nodo update and it failed with the usual problem.

Built a jig using a micro-USB breakout and it went straight into download mode. Applied the Samsung boot fix which seemed to work but now, the phone is in a constant reboot loop. I get the Omnia 7 logo cycling endlessly - even when I use the jig.

Vol up + camera + power does nothing except go straight into this loop. Vol down + camera + power either goes into download or reset, the image is on screen for a fraction of a second before it goes into this damn loop again so I can't see which.

Anything else I can do before I try to deal with the distributor or heaven forbid, Samsung directly?

Thanks for even the smallest crumb of hope


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Just a reply more to say you are not being ignored, more that not that many people are flashing WP7 devices at the moment.

Hope you get it sorted but it sounds like a possible warranty issue as you were trying the NoDo update.

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