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Hi everyone!

I've just had a though - not an original one, but a thought nonetheless.

Anyway I was wondering if people would be interested in donating to a paypal account for the devs, to show our appreciation for their hardwork and dedication.

On a strictly voluntary basis you understand. I'm not even talking vast sums of money (50p or a quid)

I've only been with Android since last September but I've used numerous ROM's - 3 blades have all had flb roms then CM7 and now my u8800 has the MIUI (this is a fantastic ROM!!)

and I'd just like to show a little appreciation and thought if enough people felt the same way it would soon mount up and could even be used to get new devices to dev for

I have no idea how you could make it work as no ROM is done by one person on their own, maybe Paul could moderate...I dunno...brighter people than me on here to come up with ideas

Thanks for reading ;-)

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