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close thread, problem solved by SDK

Guest NirVas-

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Hi there.

My girl have a Huawei U8230 from PT TMN, first i ROOTed it, than i flashed it with a custon rom from AntonioPT.

Well, from there, anything was running great, i installed some apps for my girl, and on the next day of doing that all, she came to me, and sayed that the phone were sound dead, no sound at all from the speaker (the big one), i made a call to the phone and she heard me, so the problem is on the other peaker.

i think its quite strange if the speaker just died, so i whent to CWM and reboot the phone on recovery mode, that i wipped all cache and data.

After a restart of the phone, only superuser and standard apps are installed, i no longer have Android Market, CWM, Androzip, etc etc installed.

I searched the web to find a way of installing the Android Market apk or the CWM apk, but i cant,, the phone says "Parse Error, There is a problem parsing the package".

So, this means that i'm not able to install any other ROM to fix this problems.

And the worts of all, is that i'm a noob on these flashing ROM's and other stuff things.

I really apreciate you guys help.

Thanks in advance.

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Since you have already wiped the phone, there is no reason not to start over and do what you did the first time you installed Antonio's rom.

Boot into recovery, wipe everything, and then install Antonio's rom just as you did before (following all instructions carefully).

That should do it.

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