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Guest miljenko

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Dear friends,

I just got Red Bull mobile (Huawei 8230) witch is unable to boot. Previous owner told me that he put wrong firmware into it. I tried almost every thing on the forum, but every time I get "Update fail".

If I try to start phone only Huawei logo keeps looping.

Fast boot start normally and I hoped to find a way to install firmware trough that option but I was not able to find tutorial anywhere.

Also during this tries, I found that if I keep volume down and power phone pass Huawei logo and sometimes restart at ANDROID logo and sometimes at Cyagenmod logo.

I tried to instal ClockWork recovery nothing hapen when I try to start it.

Please friend help me to resolve this matter.

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Anyone? Please give me advice how to resolve this, since I'm without phone.

Is there any option to push a firmware trough fast boot? Every UPDATA.APP give me error, update actually newer started.

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