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Nexus S Sim Lock?

Guest Andy__P

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Hi, I looked around the net for a used Nexus S for my girlfriend.

Now i found some devices which are said to be sim locked.

So on further research i found out that supposedly Nexus devices are never sim locked.

But i also found a ton of sites with instructions on how to unlock a Nexus S.

Which is true now?

Are Nexus phones ALWAYS unlocked? On every carrier in every country?

One specific device i found is said to be T-Mobile (Austria) locked.

I'd like to use it on Orange (Austria).

Thanks for your help!


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To the best of my knowledge all Nexus S's (Nexus devices in general) are sim unlocked. When I got my phone on Vodafone there was a sticker on it saying that it was locked to the Vodafone network, I didn't believe it and put a different sim in it, it worked.

The instructions you are finding to 'unlock' a Nexus S is probably instructions on how to unlock the boot loader. Unlocking the boot loader has nothing to do with sim unlocking, it is a completely different thing.

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Yea i know the difference between bootloader and sim unlocking :)

The sites i found were definitely about sim unlocking but they were probably just generic instructions for all phones.

Thanks for the vodafone example though!

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Samsung has launched a new phone named Nexus s. It is cool phone with slim body and wide screen. Its touch is smooth. The function of SIM lock is in the phone but it is related to Your Card. So you have to consult Customer care.

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