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Onlive for Android !

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Anyone got this working on U8220?


Would be brilliant if we could install this on U8220. Onlive style gaming is the future. I've no doubt we won't see the Xbox720 or PS4. It can't compete with this idea. If you've not tried Onlive (google it) on PC you should, I was blown away, jaw hit the floor. Most impressive thing I have seen since the invention of the mouse, and implemented extremely well. .. There is no reason why we couldn't use the pulse to these play games, with better graphics than the xbox360! In theory at least. As long as u8220 can can play you tube videos, it should be able to play crysis3 at full gaming spec.. Think about it!

Onlive is free , you can try some games for free but annoyingly its not available for linux yet :( But there is a wine hack! :)

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