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Android VS Winmo

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So I finally managed to get android running on my phone and here is my first feedback

Windows mobile has a setting that disconnects the internet 2g/3g/hspda when its idle for x seconds, I'm unable to find it on android and it ate my entire battery while I was sleeping.

The camera works now that I have the storage card stuff sorted but its quite limited in functionality and interface, maybe there is a better camera app - idk

The phone is VERY laggy and slow when installing programs and it takes a good minute before its responsive again.

Other than that I'm fairly happy and its pretty awesome that I can just switch back to winmo when needed.

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Meh so for the time being at least android beta 3 just isnt cutting it for me at least.

The phone is horribly slow and laggy all the time, just the process of creating a new text message and typing on it is horrible. The word corrections/predictions is all messed up and constantly wants to correct words to contact names instead of real words. The keyboard is very inacurate and input is laggy.

The constant internet open is a real dealbreaker and destroys the battery WAY to fast, winmo has a much much better connection manager built into it. I've always thought android was the best thing ever but this was a real shocker to me.

Some poeple reported usb working but when I started the phone under andoid windows detected absolutely nothing when I connected the phone.

To sumarize, android beta is sluggish, destroys the battery in no time and REALLY annyoing to get working. I have a modded winmo rom loaded that gives me loads of free ram and 2 days of battery life with mild use, The only advantage of andoid is the app market with all the nice aps but I guess I'll have to wait until I can get a Galaxy s2.

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