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USB not working on Froyo Beta 3 Update 1?

Guest Nelson Neoh

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I have had this USB problem since my fresh installation of Froyo Beta 3 Update 1. Until 2 days back, I got a solution (without knowing what happening...). Share in here and hope it would help those who have the same problem as I did.


  • Plugin USB connection with MS Windows but it shows nothing happening on both site except battery is able to charge.


    • Find an Ubuntu/Linux, boot into it (NOT VM), connect phone to it.
    • If your phone status show USB connected icons (see picture below: USB icon and Bug icon), it is ok already.
    • Disconnect the phone, reboot your system into MS Windows.
    • Connect your phone, and now your USB should work.

If Windows showing Unknown USB Devices. Google for Samsung Android Composite ADB driver.


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