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hboot screen

Guest ndbubbles

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hi every one.

after turning on my desire today it has gone to a fast boot screen.. i have tried going in too bootloader to access recovery and restart but it only restarts the mobile back too bootloader.

it seems it has lost the rom or something like that.

it has been playing up the past few days before going wrong. for instance i was not able too download any apps when the sd card was in.

wouldnt allow me to move any apps or delete. also trying to unmount the sd card with in the settins would be unresponcive and force close.

info on the fastboot screen

bravo pvt1 ship s-on

hboot 0.93.0001


touch panel-synt0101


i dont know if that info is any good to you. i cant gain access to the desire too get any more details. i think it is a gonna. if it is the case will go on ebay for some 1 to have to fiddle about with lol.

thanks in advance.

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