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SD Card Partitioning Guide

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How to partition your SD card using MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition for Windows. [Linux instructions will follow below.]

The purpose of this guide is to detail how to partition your SD card prior to installing a custom rom that can make use of swap and app2sd. If you don't intend to use either one of those, then this guide is not for you. ;)

1. *** Backup all important data from your SD card to your computer. *** (What I am telling you to do below will delete all data from your SD card; you have been warned.)

2. Download and install Partition Wizard Home Edititon for Windows.

3. Boot into CW Recovery, and then plug your phone into your computer with a USB cable.

4. In Recovery, choose "mounts and storage" and then "mount USB storage"

5. Take this opportunity to once again make sure you have made a backup of anything you want to save from the SD card to your computer.

6. Start Partition Wizard Home Edition.

7. Choose each of your partitions on the SD card and click on Delete and click Apply (see picture). (Note: make sure you don't start clicking on your computer's hard drive partitions by accident; that would be disastrous!) :blink: (Note #2: you might want to try Resizing your original FAT32 partition instead of deleting it in order to make enough space for your EXT2 and SWAP partitions; this might avoid the loss of all data on the card.)


8. Click on Create, choose Create As: Primary, choose File System: Linux Swap, enter 32.00 for the Partition Size, and drag the Size And Location slider all the way to the right (see picture). Click OK.


9. Click on Create again. You will get a warning, but continue anyway.

10. Create another partition that will hold your Apps2SD applications. But this time the settings are Primary, Ext2, and the size is however much you want. (I use 256 because I purposefully don't install a ton of apps.) Again drag the Size And Location slider all the way to the right and click OK (see picture).


11. Create your final partition with these settings: Primary, FAT32 and let it use up all the remaining space (see picture). Don't worry if there are a few Mb of space still unallocated. They won't hurt anything.


12. Click on Apply (see picture).


13. When all operations are complete, exit Partition Wizard.

14. In your Windows tools tray, "Safely Remove Hardware" and remove the "USB Mass Storage Device" that is your phone.

15. Back in your phone, choose Unmount, and then remove the phone from the cable.

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