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x5 pro

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hello to all android friends of x5 pro

im really new at this and this is my 1st android phone

i know that there is an update to 2.3.5 but i cannot understand if thisi is only for u8800 or for the u8800 pro

can someone help me please step to step so i dont mess up?

i have tried to read everything but i cant understand them

help..... :(

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ive got good news and bad news

i found some link to get the upgrade but

there are 3 steps ( 3 folders)

and the guide in pdf

but the bad news is that the guide is in chinesse and i still have no idea

anyone know a guide translated in english or greek/

but a guide step by step cause im really new and i dont want to mess up

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Copy the "dload" folder (including contents) to SD Card.

Turn on your phone while holding [POWER] + [VOL-] + [VOL+] and let it do its thing :)

finally i did

hopefully its a lot faster than the stock version

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