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wifi not connecting

Guest davixin

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Hi friends! wifi not connecting.

Added WPA2 network. ...Obtaining IP address....Disconnected....Scanning....

After Turning off Wifi and turning on...Scanning (Network - Out of range)

I've tried:

19. Problems with hidden access points #3313 #3322 #3335


Note2: WiFi

- There is a bug with WiFi. If it's on and phone go sleep, after wake there is a chance it would not work again. Only fix is to reboot (some people say that: dev tools>connections>disable/enable wifi helps). We suggest to turn off WiFi before suspending phone.

- Sometimes phone cannot connect to router (it connects, but no DNS addresses). Workaround: in build.prop uncomment following entries:






and not working...Why?

closing the theme, solved...

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