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Can u stop me to read whole forum PLEASE

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Helo u

I need help plz

I am so confused about this u8230

my only problem is headphone icon on top screan and and no hawe sound on fone and player

and upload sd/dload 2-3 firmware

u is: firmwire 2.1 update 1

kernel: 2.6.29

and my last update australian Huawei_Firmware_U8230(Australia_Roadhound)

evriting work fine , wifi, gprs , cam - alll

but same problem icon head set

If it is --, it is complicated, if there are better and easier rijesenje asking for help,

whether the kernel upgrade and how it works, I barely came up to these firmware shortagessince megaupload is down,

seeking advice and assistance

thanks in advance I apologize upon a faulty eng :))

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