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Phone forgets copied music

Guest LysanderxX

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My android LG Optimus has always done well with music and everything else. I used a 16gb card since I owned the phone, and I finally got a 32gb card that can hold all my music. I never once had a problem with the 16gb card, and the strange problem with the 32gb card makes no sense.

Pictures and audiobooks appear to have no problem transferring from my computer to my phone. I set up my phone as a mass storage device whenever I wish to transfer files, and this has always worked in the past. Windows Media Player has never recognized my phone as a device so I have always dragged and dropped music into my phone which has worked until I tried the 32 gb card.

I have transferred files for hours, and my phone, according to my computer, appears to have everything. I can even play music from my phone on my computer. But when I unplug my phone, it has about 2 gb of music, and everything else is gone. My phone's memory also reads that only 2 gb of space is used. Going back to the computer, I can see the files show that only those few songs successfully transferred after that long transfer time. I have attempted transferring everything more than once.

When I delete the files from my phone using my computer, some traces of the music is still on my phone and I can see the titles of the small amount of music, so to get rid of them I clear the data in the Music program. Also, one folder of music converts itself to files that never existed. Sometimes a desktop.ini file, sometimes random things that says they were last modified in the year 2055. I have tried copying music a few folders at a time, and while I have managed to copy more than when I did all at once, the card seems to have reached its limit, selecting which files it wants from the music I transfer. Still everything is on my phone and I can play it from my computer, but again, once I remove the phone, the files are forgotten. One strange addition that happened once was when I confirmed some music transferred and stayed after removing my phone such that I could listen to it with my phone, when I plugged it back in the computer was when the files were forgotten.

Has this happened to anyone else? Might anyone have any ideas how to keep the music on my phone? Did I waste money on an incompatible card?

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