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Omnia II - new user - custom ROM or Android ?

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Hello to all..

I am new user of Omnia 2, I bought it from a friend..

My Omnia has: Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional , CE OS 5.2.23103 (Build 23103.5.3.8)

PDA: GCJI1-23689


Custom Rom by Gary Crutcher

I have few questions about my phone...

Which custom Rom would you suggest for me to put on my phone

and should i put android on Omnia ? what are the pros and cons of android on Omnia?

does it drains battery a lot if I put android on external memory card..

CyanogenMod beta 1 or Froyo Beta 3 ? - from http://o2droid.phj.hu

Thank you

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Just try android out and it's on your SD card so who cares :S

If you like it, then keep it. If you don't like the wide range of games and applications on android, then don't use it.

I don't really know about WinMo roms since I only flashed 1 custom one 1,5 year ago

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