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Frequently losing connection to Mobile Data and

Guest tmille777

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This is my second Galaxy Nexus (last one was stolen last week) and I have had it for about one week so far. I had the same exact MoDaCo custom rom installed on both of the phones, but this phone has been having issues. I am in the United Stats and Verizon is my carrier. For some odd reason, my mobile network signal keeps getting lost which is very frustration because I am not receiving calls or texts during that time. A quick reboot or even toggling airplane mode on then off will fix the issue temporarily

Do you think this could be a hardware issue, an issue with one of my settings in with my apps ( I have Juice Defender Ultimate, but I uninstalled it for one day and the issues with connectivity stayed)., or simply a common software issue that has a fix.

Any response would be greatly appreciated,


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