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Media Scanner high CPU

Guest FatherD

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Hi All,

Hoping for some help here. I have been struggling for some while with a runaway android.process.media, using very high CPU.

I am unsure what the root cause is but lots of search results lead to a single corrupt file on the internal sdcard, or any number of other causes due to corrupt files, songs etc on the sdcard. Deleting all-sorts, clearing dalvik / caches / app caches / app data / factory reset - no change!

Now! I am aware that the internal sdcard is basically just a mount point in the internal storage so it is not possible to format it on its own. A Factory wipe doesn't clear it!, flashing, refreshing Roms does not clear it, using a different Rom such as MIUI does not clear it and still carries the issue!

So, I have searched and searched for the culprit on the sdcard to no avail. I would like some advice on re-locking the bootloader and unlocking again, as I have heard that this does wipe the internal sdcard.

Any help, or alternatives would be great .. my next step is to get a factory Rom back on it and return it to 3three for a replacement.

So in essence:

1. Should I relock the bootloader?

2. What are the risks if I do?

3. Should I just give up and send it back?

4. Are there any better solutions

Modaco Ir12

Franko nightly kernel

XXLA2 baseband

Apex launcher

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