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【4.13】【new】【2.3.7】Forget all the roms you have used , try this rom ,guys!

Guest 让雪飞

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I will try to upload it to mediafire. http://www.mediafire...5d8dd4ay3rd7y7t

it is hard to link to mediafire in china,it is not work now , so I could not update the new rom added fonts, :mellow: I will try to break the wall of webnet . you can add the fonts by yourself after install it , 3Q very much !(add it on system/fonts use RE ,donot forget change the permission of *.ttf )

from my point of view, the maket of google is the worst maket, I never use it, you can find it from any other place , thanks! I know that most of you use google apps , but I have no , and I never use it as well , you can find it from google search engine easily . Thank to


sorry for my poor english , you'd better learn chinese laungue ,laugh.gif



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hi canno't download that rom as i don't understand chinese...besides google traduction doesn't do well his job...

if somebody manage to download it and can upload it on mediafire or something like....

:lol: i think you must read guys and not gay...:P

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 Try to install this rom - dont like, rolling back to cyanogenmod7. Too much chinese language in this rom, bug with not displayed widget after install, no russian language support

Seems like that rom taken from belarussian forum  Link

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I downloaded and installed this rom.

First of all this is an awesome rom, and totally different rom tan the earlies.

As it has booted i imidiatly went to the storage settings. There are 73.93 MB free space out of 80.25.

The /system has 20MB free out of 110MB.

And it has about 35-38MB free ram.

If you go to the language settings you can change it to english and after reboot almost everything will be readable.

The bad thin is that it has no market. :/

Edit: It has no google apps at all.

It was a quick look...

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Can somebody share a link for small gapps?

Which has only the important things such as Market.

And off course the important services. Because it has no account management.

Please help!


I found this but i can't download this.

Can somebody download and re upload to mediafire?

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