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Help - trying to get back to stock rom after botched custom rom install attempt

Guest le_lutin

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Hoping some kind soul on modaco might be able to help me with this.....(been at it for a couple of days without success):

- Got the ICS update for the sensation a few weeks ago.

- Wanted to install a custom ROM on it so I: unlocked the bootloader (using the HTCDev method), rooted it and stuck ClockworkMod on there. All good so far.

- Downloaded the custom ROM i wanted and went in to CWM choose the zip. The Rom seem to install fine.

- Rebooted the phone and it got stuck on the HTC logo. I would just sit there for ages and after an hour or so I did a battery pull.

- I downloaded a few more custom ROMs, but again no success, all would hang at the HTC logo.

- Then BAM, it hit me - I didn't have S-OFF (the ICS ota update gave me hboot 1.27). This must be why I can't install custom ROMS.

Now basically, all I want to do is get any ROM (GB, ICS, anything) working on the phone. I've tried a few different things. Used loads of RUUs, all with no success (gets to a certain point and then tells me the update failed).

I don't know why the RUU updates fail (should these work? could it be that I don't have enough internal mem left or something?)

Is there any signed flashable zip that would get me back to ICS stock? (I don't think I can downgrade to lower than ICS as I'm on HBoot 1.27). I could flash this through clockwork mod as I still have access to CWM.

Can anyone help? Totally desperate now.


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Somewhere on xda there was a custom rom flashable via pg58img maybe that could help to get it working. Or try the unlock method for ota ics Update also posted on xd.

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Thanks for the response.

I am pretty sure that I can't install any custom ROM since I am s-on, and I believe this requires an official ROM.

As for the unlock - are you referring to joupanutbear (or something like that) method? I tried it last night, but I couldn't get it to work - when I start up the exe when my phone is in fastboot the application reboots my phone, which then causes it to go into the htc logo screen where it freezes.

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