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u8230 drive me nuts

Guest bob_bipbip

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hi, my u8230 drive me totally insane :wacko:

i try to update it to cyanogenmod 7.2 using all rom available here, but it does not work.

the only rom i can install are wich were created for small /system partition (80mo)

BUT i CAN update it to uk or hungary rom (and done it before clockwork recovery)

BUT tre, cht8000, redbull does not work (update fail a middle of upgrade) !!!

when i clockwork recovery'd (2.5.7 or 3), every installing update fail with this error:

assert_failed write_raw_image /tmp/boot.img boot

i've tried to unzip the only boot.img and fastbooted it, and same probleme

only boot.img 80mo rom can be fastbooted

can the boot.img can be too large?

i've also made a strage test. take a ""big"" rom, swap boot.img with a ""small"" one, and flash it. it flash. so it's not a 100mo /system limit bug, or not?

help me please, i'm puzzled :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

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well, i've succeded flashing my u8230 with this rom:

but i was unable to make the "stock" boot.img work. i was foced to use the kernel update, but it works!!!

i was able to find if my device has a larg /system, and YES, it's 110mo.

the kernel update has a small boot.img compared to the stock one, so, it' REALLY a boot.img size problem. i must not go over 2,5 mo :unsure:

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