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Play store problems

Guest paranoiadk

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Hi, guys.

I've posted this in the main development thread but got no answer.

Anyone else been having issues with the play store? My phone didn't update market to play store so I searched online for an updated Vending.apk and replaced the one in my phone. The play store works, but whenever I want to pay for an app there a pop "an error occurred. please try again."

The same happens even when 3G is disabled so I suspect the app.

I know I can browse and buy with my computer, but I have an app with a donate function that is only accessible from within the messaging app itself.



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Nope. Whenever I hit the "access & buy" screen I get the same error.

Maybe it's because I already updated? Do I have to reinstall?

I'm really curious, does no one else have this problem?

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