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Guest Sirgeekalot

hey guys,

i recently bought a commtiva N700 off ebay from a guy that said his son had entered the pin too many times and now the screen wont turn on.

thinking i may be able to grab a quick bargain i bought it for £30,,

i got it this morn and the device certainly seems to be bricked. when i press any and all combinations of buttons, nothing happens, when i plug it in to the USB cable, the led goes solid red and then flashes red at me..

have i just bought an expensive paper weight or is there anyway of reviving the tablet from death??


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Guest Oldbarzo


Just read your post. Have you tried to reset the Tab. On the bottom there is a re-set hole next to the Mic and USB.

Use a pin and see if that will reset the system. Not sure but the flashing led could mean either the Battery is faulty

or the charging USB port. You can remove the back of the Tablet by inserting a Credit card or similar under

a corner and working your way around the back releasing the lugs,this will give you enough space to see if the USB

connector to the Mainboard are ok.

Sorry cannot be of more positive help.



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