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New Chinese ROM Qidu B892

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Guest weckl

Still not tested. But I post if you want to try it. Still had no time to test if this rom have malware. So watch out with this. You can search for malware using Catlog app or Logcat Extreme, then enter this *#*#2846579#*#* in your phone and activate log capability. Once done Catlog will be able to log activity. Search for mobclickagent for example, most common malware that I've been advised to look after. This ROM is meant to work on U8818. I hope can work in U8815 too.


All credit to :


Google translator features :

Version Information:

ROM name: Huawei U8818 seven degrees to streamline the optimized version.

System Version: 2.3.6

Adaptation models: Huawei U8818 (G300)

ROM revision: Anzhi-U8818-qidu

Kernel version : the android @ the localhost # 1

Baseband version: 109 808

Production: to guide the completion of seven degrees of spatial concentration Yan

Production time: 2012.6.16

Concentrated Yan V Series Official microblogging: http://weibo.com/137701932

Brush risk, before the brush back up

Disclaimer: This ROM concentrated Yan alone ING is strictly prohibited to any person who maliciously modified and built to promote the software to the other forums, reproduced reproduced to indicate the producer and the source welcomed the report.

ROM introduced:

Modified based on the newly released B892. Add the latest perfect ROOT privileges.

The second revision, the overall optimization of the system compared to the official purer, energy-saving, smooth, practical, personalized, and stability.

Further streamline the procedure useless.

Add concentrated Yan dedicated desktop. Thank the master.

The modified camera system camera for the ICS, adding more camera function, optimize imaging and improve photo quality.

Update the hosts file, the shield 99% of the ad.

Replace the default input method input method for Baidu

Notepad replacement.

Adding fast restart.

Disdained the original album. (Album 3D card really burst)

To join Meihuaban RE Manager (contact on the original author here to thank him for his pay) flashplayer and other utility software.

Add to the latest version of ING market V3.4

Optimization apk run share memory.

Re-enact the default wallpaper, animated startup.

Memory optimization

Other self-test.


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