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Getting Xperia NEO V [Benchmark results please]

Guest Zade

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Hey you guys owning xperia neo or neo v, i'm planning to buy xperia neo v [moving on from ZTE Blade :-)] as my budget stands around 330$ [18,500 INR].

I was wondering if you would post the best benchmark results of NEO V with the highest stable OC using ANTUTU or Quadrant or both. I tried searching google but with no reliable results.

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I'm on a completely stock Xperia Neo running official 4.0.4 from Sony. Build no. 4.1.B.0.431 kernel I don't have any results left from when I was running 2.3 for you, unfortunately.

Vellamo - 892

Antutu - 2865

cpu. - 941

gpu. - 1240

ram. - 339

I/O. - 345

Quadrant - 1087

cpu. - 1951

mem. - 1399

I/O. - 539

2D. - 352

3D. - 1196

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Thank you very much !! :) +1, its nice you r using the stock ICS cuz can u tell me the apprx. ram consumption of ICS ?? I would appreciate the info ^_^....

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Sony have been quite aggressivewith memory management. I usually have about between 60 - 100MB free. I dont usually ever close any apps or do any kind of management, just let the system handle everything and that seems to work fine. Where I do have memory issues is with intensive games and LOTS of multi tasking. ICS for gaming on the NEO is not so great for things like GTA or BabelRising etc. Games that ran perfectly on GB are terrible on ICS. Overall I think Sony have done the best they could.

Bare in mind a custon rom can fix all of this and there are some good choices over at XDA. The Neo is a bit more effort to "fix up" than the Blade but its well worth it. I was running MIUIv4 before I updated officially and will probably go back to it in a few weeks. I hate not having root access/control :-(

I like the Neo, but if you want a Sony phone would you be able to afford the Xperia P? Its slightly newer and "better" and seems to be getting popular over at XDA. The Neo/Arc/Ray are getting a bit old now for all the big apps that need lots of space/ram/cpu. It will be okay for a while but is showing its limitations.

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