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Can't move apps to SD Card

Guest BrumBrum74

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I have the 16gb SGS3 version and a 16gb sd card.

It's not possible to move apps to the sd card at all. Tried every app2sd program on Google Play.

Paul or any other devs have any hints/solutions here?

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This problem needs a fix/solution, games like Max Payne and Gameloft titles require 1+ GB file downloads, so useable storage of just 11GB fills up super fast, I am facing the same predicament as the OP.

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Same here. Got my Marble White 16GB SGH-T999 this morning, along with a new 32GB storage card. I absolutely CANNOT use the storage card for anything: can't move apps (using any app available in Play Store). Also, cannot move any files to the card, whether from USB-connected PC or using a file-mover app from within phone. NOT GOOD!

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[i formatted the 32GB external storage card both .... THROUGH THE PC/format/fat32 And ..... THROUGH THE PHONE storage/format]

UPDATE: It seems the following app -- and you can find it in Play Store -- has eliminated at least part of my external storage card problem on my T-Mobile S3 (SGH-T999): ASTRO FILE MANAGER

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heya, i found the answer to this problem.

a tool called directorybind. it's a little fiddly and requires basic knowledge about folders and files but it works..... PERFECTLY.

if you've ever used the linux mount -bind command, you'll know exactly what this is ;)

for others, basically this lets us remount part of a file hierarchy somewhere else (even another system)

a couple of things however

1. you need root access

2. need to be comfortable with file/folder structure.

after all, you have to know where the app + data is being stored in the phone and be comfortable moving it to the external sd card without accidentlaly deleting half your system.

on the s3 i did make 3 changes to the settings.

1. make sure to tick Alternate dbase mgmt, the reason i had to do this was because otherwise the binds i added would not save upon reboot.

this ensures my binds are automatically loaded every reboot.

2. default data path is "/mnt/extSdCard/Android/data"

3. default target path is "/sdcard/Android/data"

the last two settings makes it quicker to move apps

on my external sd card, i have the folders /Android/data created

now to actually add items to this.

lets take for example, max payne... this game is huge for a mobile game and chances are, we want it on the larger sd card.

in order to add this i would do the following.

1. press menu and select add new entry

2. press and hold the (target) path text box

3. you should see the max payne game directory (in my case this was com.rockstar.maxpayne) so now open this folder and press the select button

4. press and hold the (data) path text box

5. press the New button

6. type in "com.rockstar.maxpayne" without quotes and hit create (note you do not need to name this exactly the same as the target directory, but i do so it's easier to remember if i ever want to reverse changes.

7. press Select

8. tick Transfer files from target to data (this will move the files to the external card for you... it will keep the folder structure intact on the internal memory, but the files themselves will be moved)

9. press Add

this works perfectly for me, tested on mass effect, gta3, max payne, nova3, spotify

i suggest however that you avoid this unless you are comfortable to work with files/folders

i'll keep an eye out for any other apps that may be easier to use, but this is the best i've found so far.

oh one last thing, remember that in linux systems, folders and files are case sensitive, while i haven't checked this per-say on the s3, i assume this also true.

cheers :D

*edit* just realized you have to make sure the bottom right corner is lit green.

when you create a new bind, make sure it's ticked on the right side and tap the floppy disk on the left making it green.

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This problem needs a fix/solution, games like Max Payne and Gameloft titles require 1+ GB file downloads, so useable storage of just 11GB fills up super fast, I am facing the same predicament as the OP.

There is a easier solution than directory bind called GL TO SD. You can find it on the google playstore and its free. I have been using this since I had space problems with LG optimus 2x. It is easy to setup but there is a caveat in that you must start this app to run your games. You also need root. It also works for apps and non gameloft games too. I find having all my games in a list quicker to find and start games. Currently enjoying Nova 3 and that takes up nearly 2GB alone on my 64GB microsdxc card, so having this app is a space and time saver.

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Dear friends,

A simple Q in relation to ABOVE, is this device made in such a way to store everything in the main memory or is mine faulty? I notice that only music,pictures goes to the SD CARD.Thanks.

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Yes the internal memory of the SGS3 is one big storage for the android system and all your data. You cannot move apps to external micro sd anymore as google don't allow it. You can of course copy data onto your external micro sd. You need to set the apps to use the micro sd (ExtSdCard) to write to that. Your camera app will prompt you to save to the external sd when you start it.

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don't cry, samsung did this on purpose and it is a very good thing. You all are very very wrong and take the wrong conclusions. Did one of you actually put the main memory 16GB to the max and saw what happened after that??? Noooooooooo, just bashing on Samsung without knowing that if the main memory is full, it will automaitically store your data to the external SD card. The option to choose to put pictures, video and music right away on the external card is because you can take it out and use it in another device. Apps are mostly device specific. The main memory will also be the fastest to run data from it, so Samsung made the right decision to put everything on the main memory first

So crying babies, wipe your tears. Apps2SD is not a neccessity anymore, Samsung renovates stuff, so' don't cry if you have only 1 kb of your main memory left... run to buy a Sandisk micro Sd at your local store and you will be fine. You don't have to root your Sammy

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