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New chinese ROM (25-6-12) Based on official B892. Lots of new features !

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Guest weckl

All credit to :


I don't have the G300 anymore so I cannot test it. But as I promised I continue uploading new cool chinese ROMs so you can test them, I hope european developers can benefit from this. Cheers.


Frameworks to apply afterwards:









Features of the ROM (the following text is the result of applying a google translation over the chinese original text...that's why sounds very weird, but I hope you can get the context):

Based on the official B892 carefully a variety of elaborate (singing I tested a couple of days, produced a couple of days, people are haggard)

Default ROOT permissions, and replacement of su binary, the busybox, no longer need to carry out ROOT! !

3 kill Huawei desktop and lock screen stuff, replace the Desktop for Sony Ericsson Desktop, ultra-small size, user-friendly features, a high degree of fluency! Access to the desktop a surprise for you! Look at what you find!

4 modify the default music, the default ring for a composer, arranger, and post-processing recorded a nice song "A, the Promise"

. B892 streamlined to get rid of a common pit father custom software ROM overall look cleaner! Increase in system space!

6 oil can not use Google Maps, reconfigure GPS parameters, the process of Google Maps, the perfect solution can not be located and the perfect second set, the family pro-test! Solution can not locate the problem!

7 added the modified joyos official Sony bravia display engine technology, with I optimize the camera parameters, noise reduction, optimization results significantly!

Added the AicBootFix power-saving control, zipalign.sh script (available through the implementation of this script app optimization), the battery, SD card, memory, network, various optimization

9 in G major improvements to enhance kernel extracted enhanced.conf configuration, the default FPS unlock, 3D run stability of 930 +! Run much more smoothly! (Thanks to G major!)

10. Madman script Variety first screen, the default first screen replacement for the "Andrews robots umbrella" second screen "Huawei of Ascend" (replace the methods below ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓)

11 kill the default objectionable boot music. Retain the file path, need shoes before the brush into the into the (substitution method in the following ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓)

12 homemade variety is accurate to per cent, "a" style batteries, the default next door to the exact percentage style battery (official no precise hundred percent there)

Of a large number of the next drawable-hdpi resources on the B892 the overall hdpi resources beautify (next door to blues Huawei official package the same kind of tone, quite like the next package)

14 kill official music replacement player for Miui integrated ING market, Dolphin browser, titanium backup re Manager, input method, flashlights, power management, other settings

15 to join Sony Ericsson's power-saving mode, stronger than the official power saving mode, the recommended long-term use. !

16 built-in Google commonly used framework, components, all of the Google family, if you need a complete Google service pack, please add your own (available in G major signature latest version)

17 by adding the modified hosts, effectively shielding most of the ads.

18 looks like to write a lot. . . The other ignored that, it is estimated that we see trouble. .

Power management into the recovery, take some time, we do not think useless Oh, next time I look again to see if there is no better into recovery manager

The first screen replacement method:

Brush the front, want to replace the first screen oemlogo.mbn (480X800) into the path: cust-unicom-cn-logo

Music method by adding the boot:

Ogg format to boot the desired music (Baidu search there ogg conversion software) changed its name to bootSound.ogg into the path:

cust-unicom-cn-media-audio (just checked, looks like the audio file did not fall, did not fall their new into)

A variety of exact percentage of battery style icon (framework-res.apk digital download attachments removed in order to use):

Battery replacement method:

A brush into the singing ROM, re manager to replace the replace finished regret application error, which is a normal phenomenon, please note! Replaced by finished, remember to add permissions, otherwise unable to enter the system after reboot! Alternate path for system-framework


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Guest Coffer52

No, I'm struggling to get the apks and system working in English to configure the rom. Requests to install apks takes you to another application rather than the Google play store. Looks like a b good rom though!

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