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Flash ROM to HTC Desire

Guest sussexandy

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Hi everyone, 1st post so please be gentle!!!!

I have an Orange branded Desire running android 2.2 that was received via an OTA update. I have unlocked the SIM so I can use a 3 simcard and take advantage of the One plans all you can eat data. I cannot get WiFi Hotspot to work and USB tethering is greyed out in the options menu. I have read elsewhere that Orange removed these features when the 2.2 upgrade was applied.

HTC support say that the "motherboard " is Orange branded and that no software update will enable these features.

I am not confident enough to root the phone but feel capable of using a RUU.exe file.

If I use an unbranded RUU.exe will it work or am I really stuck with an Orange phone.

Thanks in advance


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My advice would be to go for root. I was a complete novice when I got my desire and I managed to root it. Using unrevoked if I remember rightly. Now on my galaxy nexus and I wouldn't dream of not having root.

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Although this section of the forum doesn't seem to be very active I thought I would update my experiences for any other newbie attempting what I needed to do.

Firstly, despite 2 HTC advisers saying it was not possible to change the configuration of an Orange branded phone I have successfully de-branded my phone.

You need a working Gold card, I made this using the excellent tool available on this site, and a HTC RUU.exe file from shipped-roms.com.

The first attempt failed using a Kingston SD card but the second attempt with a SanDisk card worked. I think the best advice I can give is to make sure you only connect your phone in "Charge only" mode except for when creating the Gold card. Also I found that the RUU would only run using a version newer than that already on the phone, but if your phone is Orange don't worry as they were nowhere near using the latest android 2.2 version!

Hope this has been of use to any newbie who like me who has been confused/overwhelmed with the info out there.

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