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Huawei Sonic (U8650) "RAM ISSUE"

Guest Pete.13

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Hi, there...

Apologize for the english.

I own a Huawei u8650 branded from TMN Portugal... yesterday i´ve installed a debranded rom and rooted the phone (clockworkmod via usb).

then i´ve flashed clockworkmod, and a custom rom... everything works perfectly. but now i´m facing a new situation...

I´ve been looking for a solution, but nothing so far... maybe you can help me...

How can i unlock the other 256 Mb of RAM ???

I know that this is true... i also have a ZTE Blade, and the kernel sold in europe, with the phones only had 256Mb of RAM and now its rooted and 512Mb RAM....

In Taiwan, i think, they sold the u8650 with 512 RAM...

Please help me... ???


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The huawei u8650 also have a 256 of ram, but de asiatic (chinese, taiwanese.....) version, called huawei C8650 have 512 mb of ram.

The two huawei are different.

Sorry for my english xD

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