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Android on Omnia 2 error

Guest HDtutorialHQ

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Hey you guys i am Trying to install FroyaBeta3 on my Omnia 2

I do what the Instructions tell me and i start android installer

and i get these Errors

Error : can't have end before start



Error : Can't have overlapping partitions.

tune2fs : No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/block/mmcblk01

Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock

Any help would be Appreciated

I have sorted this Error But i only have a 2gig internal and 2 gig external

Warning: you requested a partition from 838MB to 1862

The closest Location we can manage is 1999MB to 1999MB

is this still acceptable to you?


Any help would be Appreciated

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use minitool partition

delete all partition of your sd card

just leave it blank ,, dont create any new one

direcly insert the sd card back to the phone

if it asks you format or not,, ignore it

start install


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