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Phones4u Are doing these for £99.99 with £10 topup and its sim unlocked.

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Guest Patrick73

I got my a few days ago, I think I like it.

Only problem I have is the lack of wm8 update, which I knew before I got it.

I was able to change the micro sd card to 16gb from the 8gb, best thing is mymemory have class 4 16gb at £6.50 at the min.

I have found the wm7 ok to use, I have owned a number of Android phones and ios one's.

I do like the fact its not got a load of rubbish running in the back ground.

it seems very smooth and neat.

The flash is ok but I am finding if I take pictures of someones face it makes them look very red?

Also before I changed the microsd card I found getting the apn settings to work on both internet and market a pain for giffgaff, but after changing I updated the htc app for doing it and its worked just by that this time.

I think MS are not getting the sales as People might still hate what they have done in the past, it works and thats how it should be with, And at least with MS setting the min for the spec at least it should run most things. apart from the Nokia 610 lol.

if you do take yours apart and put in a 16gb microsd card I have found you have to use the hold down both volume keys and then press the power on button to do a real hard reset so the memory card then gets used. and then follow the on screen guide. also make sure if you want to use the 8gb in something else to follow the guide about setting the card up before you take it out of the phone or you cannot use it.



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Guest Patrick73

hi Patrick73 do you have any more detailed pictures?

seen you can put a 64gb micro sd in instead

Sorry for the slow reply, As I do not have this set to email me. plus I have given this phone to my wife.

Ive no more pictures, but there is a video on youtube that walks you round this.


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Not sure it will take a 64gb card as the microSDXC is a different file format compared to the microSDHC which only goes up to 32 gb as far as I know.

I find it worrying that the only reason I want a Mozart is to void the warranty and see the biggest card possible in it.

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