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I got this phone from Virgin and i'm very pleased with it apart from all the pointless virgin apps installed. Which I am sure is stopping Temple Run from working. So I am wanting to root this phone to get rid of those apps and hopefuly Temple run will work.

I am not very computer savy and would very much like it if someone could give me an idiots guide on how to root this phone

Thank you

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I'm in a similar position to rickplod but want to do somethin even simpler (I think!).

I have a ZTE KIS from Virgin which has a no of apps I don't want and the internal memory looks dangerously low. I bought a 32 Gb SD card with the aim of shifting apps (and installing any new apps) to this but the "manage apps" option (Android 2.3) doesn't seem to allow this (unlike my Huawei G300).

Is there anything I can do to enable this? If the answer is root the phone I may be in trouble as I don't really understand what this is or how to do it.

I'd also like to do the system update but the system tells me I need to copy the update package to the SD card, and I don't know where to find this package. Can anyone advise?

You've probably gathered from this I'm a complete newbie to Android, so very grateful for any idiot's guide you can poiint me to that covers this kind of thing.

Many thanks

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