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Attempt to reverse engineer the N10 kernel...

Guest ejtagle

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Well, this is my attempt to reverse engineer the N10 kernel and write a working 3.1.10 android version for the device...

The status is:

>Everything working except bluetooth and back camera.

Unfortunately, Shuttle has refused to release the source code of the linux kernel for this device (violating GPL!), making extremely hard to fix those remaining problems. Truth to be said, i fail to find the cause of the bluetooth module not working. Everything seems to be right, but the module refuses to work. Wifi, being part of the same chip, works perfectly, nevertheless...

If anyone here happens to have some kind of contact inside Shuttle, try to push them to release source, and comply with the GPL license... Otherwise, i don't know if the remaining problems will be solvable ...

Attached the patch against ret15r7 of nvidia android kernel git. Also attached the associated .config required to build an JB rom for the device...


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Can you suggest a good gettin-started tutorial about android kernel/ROM development? (I'm a developer so I don't need the programming basic...)

I don't know if there is a tutorial ... Perhaps the best place is the p10an01 thread, there you will find lots of useful information... But, kernel development is not easy... :S

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Don't be afraid :D I worked with a kernel for a samsung s3c6410 implementing a mixed sw-hw rs485 bus.... I'm not a kernel newbee ;)

Ok, after 3h of hard work without results I leave the mission... No way to have a bootloadr in the nvida chip neither to find something of usefull about how to flash it.

I give up

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