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Team Ascend Roms™

My official team : Team Ascend!

Visit : Team Ascend : Website

Visit : Facebook Page : Fb Page

What is Jelly Cream Sandwich?

Now Jelly Cream Sandwich is a Rom moved on from one called Legacy, this new makeover consists of new ideas and features, this Rom is fast, clean, smooth and slick.

This Rom has the initiative to become something great, the amount of work that has been put into the the Project Ascend Roms is loads, this Rom is synced with Jelly Bean changes and more to come...

So why not try this out, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

What makes this Rom different from others?

This project has been thought well out for a while, as I didn't release my sneak preview as I forgot I had even started it, got into Legacy ICS that's why...But now I've found the solution to upgrade Legacy to the all new Jelly Cream Sandwich.


I am not responsible if you damage or brick your device, this is up to you but everything works, sometimes there may be a chance you might be temporary bricked or maybe even permanent bricked, if this occurs I am not responsible for this exception, if you are worried this might happen I would extremely suggest to you to BACKUP on what you are running...

If you have bricked your device and need a solution don't hesitate to ask on this thread or even the community.

This is being enclosed so if you didn't read this and something happens don't whine to me that it was my fault, thanks.

Latest Features :

Boot fix

New boot.

fixed package.

new fonts, thicker.

Various bug fixes.

New optimizations.

Better ram management.

Removed for, added MI FIle.

Updated launcher.

Updated apps.

updated all build.prop (unnecessary things)

Optimized battery.

Optimized the V6 Supercharger

Added new binaries, nothing big just minors.

New boot animations, stripped from my new AOKP build.

All my roms have the same boot.

Features :

Based on B952

Battery Drain edits and fixes.

New uphold structure to hardware.

Work-around on louder sound on Headset audio output.

Ringtone bug work-around, possibly fixed due to new build base.

New UI Render mdpi - hdpi app fix, usually fix's apps which force closes :).

4.2 keyboard - Gesture typing, not sure on how to get it going.

Lowered RAM memory with new strings.

Heapsize edits, woohoo lol.

better battery function, more accurate.

Sleepmode - Hibernate fuzz is set as default, less battery drain and works just as normal.

Apex Launcher edits made to 1.3.5.

No root problems.

Various bug fixes.

New Kernel By PaulMilbank.

Fully re-based on B944

Supercharged, used latest data package from Stock+, found out it had it.

Reverted transitions.

Updated UI.

Fixed settings bug.

Fixed Live Wallpapers bug.

And more HW edits.

Based On B944

Dictionary Fix.

Audio problem Fixed.

Slimmed Rom.

Synced with Jelly Bean Resources

Improved UI frame rate and touch response.

Disabled kernel error logging.

Removed CPU rendering : Runs OS better.

Enabled tile rendering.

Improved Scrolling FPS : Partially Working : Still Runs Smooth.

Updated Some Apps.

Edited Apps.

Re sized some framework and edited images.

Jelly Bean UI Workaround.

New HW edits from HTC device.

Fixed Scrolling delay and faster scrolling.

Disabled USB debug icon on Status bar, saves power.

Ram Free Program.

Added new Mods.

Fixed green bug when rotating to landscape in networks setting.

More edits.

Re synced all Jelly bean content for ICS.

Overdone some work on the kernel holders.

Performance enhanced.

Background edited.

Clear all libs with rubbish.

Fixed resource contents.

Darkened background.

Enlightened header.

Fixed ICS rotation bug when opening Landscape Apps "Usually Games".

Updated my Transitions. Jelly Bean


PaulMilBank : Kernel

CYda : Supercharge edit from StockPlus

Krishneelg3 : Rom

Alberto96 : Help on anything needed to know.

TheJaimes111 : For resourceful things.

The person who repacked stock B936 : If you know, let me know

And others who I have forgotten to mention.


Jelly Cream Sandwich B5 : Download

Jelly Cream Sandwich B4 : Boot Problem

Jelly Cream Sandwich B3 : Download

Jelly Cream Sandwich B2 : Download

Jelly Cream Sandwich B1 : Download

If you think this Rom is good, you like it or whatever don't forget to hit the Rep button :)

Edited by krishang3
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Welcome aboard Krish !

It's nice to have another developer working on the G300, Looking forward to seeing the Legacy ROM


I've compiled it and finished uploading, find the Rom on the first thread.

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Welcome fellow Modaco user's, This is my first topic I've started in the Modaco Forum, as i'm new to this forum I don't know much though, I previously was connected with XDA, as I still am and now I'm developing for this Rom also.

My XDA Profile : View

Well what is Legacy ICS?

Its a modded Ice Cream Sandwich Rom, which is very stable, equipped with the latest light mods and tweaks!

This Rom is not yet finished, but yes it is Stable, don't forget its lite.

What is Working ?



Rom is based on B940

It is equipped with a fully functional kernel O.c to 1.3Ghz

Jelly Bean Transitions

Featured with Apex Launcher

Android 4.0.3

System tweaks

CPU Frill added : To set CPU I might change app.

HW Lights fully operational

More mods and tweaks coming


Future plans?

Well more optimizing

New update on apps

And more, possibly thinking on re-doing the framework with a new theme.

Download Rom : Download

Instructions to installing

1. Boot into recovery.

2. Make a backup : Optional :

3. Wipe Data and Cache

4. Select advanced and reboot Recovery

5. Install .zip from SD Card

6. Wait

7.Reboot and set your device up.

Any issues and bugs, please report it in this thread, and Ill take a look.

Also do not ask for ETA's it drives me insane and I end up making a buggy Rom.

Screenshots please?

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i know alot of people seem obsessed with toggles including me lol so has this got any and if not can i flash a vendor app

Dont have it

Does it have root access.?

Yes :)

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