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New Rom cm-7-20120916-NIGHTLY-u8220

Guest welly123

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thx pasquiNello!

after downloading the lib-files from http://db.tt/nSzpBe8H and installing the ES file explorer (don't forget to change the settings - menu -> settings -> root settings - check the first 3 points) i was able to copy the libs to /system/lib/

now the camera is working fine! :)

does anyone found other problems with the default CM 7 20120916 nightly?

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I have not found any major problems except for the camera.

I use the following settings:

CyanogenMod Settings-Performance -> Settings-CPU


Settings-MAX CPU Frequency-633 MHZ

Set on boot-Only

Use Jıt-Not Only

Enable Surface Dithering-Only

Use 16Bit transparency-Only

It's really fast

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anyone got issue where the internal sdcard keeps unmounting itself?



seems the way i installed latest nightly causes this issue, all is running fine now.

fyi i installed nightly, then the camera patch and rebooted.

then installed a2sd then rebooted.

finally installed gapps then rebooted.

cm7 certainly is the saviour for our pulse phones :)

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