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Reboot loop - bricked ?

Guest Valmiki

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I'm a novice rooter and have seemingly broken my Pulse. I tried rooting it now its has gone into an infinite loop of restarts. Shows>T-mobile and then android>then vibrates and restarts the loop.

I think I made some mistake in the drivers(win7 x86) and hence the superboot and recovery doesn't get written. Was using the following to do that:

1. 1.1-pulse-superboot

2. 1.0-pulse-amonrarecovery

3. Hero

The tutorial says that on running the above, some bytes will be written and displayed on the Pulse blue screen, but nothing shows. It remains as is:

USB FastBoot: V0.5

Machine ID: 1007000 v0

Build Date: June 30 2010, 23:25:17

MSM Id: 16

MSM Version: 2.0

Modem Build: 76XXC-6383-SDCBALYM

Serial Number: Unknown

ptn 0 name='boot' start=304 len=20

ptn 1 name='system' start=324 len=800

ptn 2 name='userdata' start=1124 len=800

ptn 3 name='cache' start=1846 len=160

ptn 4 name='recovery' start=2006 len=38

ptn 5 name='misc' start=2044 len=4


Please help, anybody out there !!!! Thanks.

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