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Changing rom and my problems..

Guest Cursed Chico

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I am using original rom. I have this u8800 huawei for about 1.5 year. NOw, the phone is not so sensitive when i touch and some slow sometimes. While onkeyboard, i cant correctly use the letters, usually wrong letters are being selected.

And its batters, it doesnot last so much, 3-4 hours.

And the phone memory. I have to delete some applicatiopns to free up space. I dont understand how those space is being fulled. Because i moved a lot of applications to sd card, so i dont understand how each week each week this memory goes full.

So, you see i have a lot of problems. I searched a lot of but i coudl not find nice informaition about roms. SO, which one do you suggest me to flash? Custom or stock?

And what do i have to before it? Backing up go sms messages to sd card, with calllogs backing up call logs, with titanium backing up applications and their data and that is it?

And another problem is that, i can see any file of sd card just like a pc, but i cant see the memory so i cant know what is in. So, how can i back up phone memory?

I am waiting your answers...

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