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Htc one x wifi issue

Guest hecatae

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My one x has just developed the infamous poor wifi issue that HTC fixed in the middle of June 2012 by modifying polycarbonate casing, and by pasting four polycarbonate pieces on to affected one xs that went for repair.

After obtaining the official htc fix document my options are:

1. Send to htc and hope they do not break anything.

2. Solder the problem

3. Use tin foil and hope it does not short circuit my one x.

Will see what htc say first.

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Snap :angry:

Anyone else had experience with either T-Mobile UK or HTC UK in getting this sorted. I've read some horror stories on xda and given that it took me 4 attempts to get one without orange spots and with working GPS when i first got it, I'm not thrilled by the idea of trying to get a repair. Particularly given HTC's stupid attitude to 'warranty' when the bootloader is unlocked.

In my case its bluetooth that's been noticeable as the problem, so I may bite the bullet and try the fix.

Apart from visually, is there any way they can detect if it's been opened, in case I do need to send it back?

Sadly this is looking like my last HTC phone, Just too many issues and drawbacks to put up with however much I like Sense. :blink:

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