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Blue screen and i am desperate :(

Guest Cursed Chico

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I was only trying to install a new rom but with cwm i deleted everything by mistake, boot etc. After that, when i tried to open phone, it went into blue screen and i connected to pc but there were no files. SO i put





files to image file that i created but still cant open.And before deleting everything, i had a problem, in cwm it gave error "cant mount sd card".

I tried to format sd card but it did not.

SO, i cant use internal sd card but i found 8 gb sd card of my brothers, but i dont want to lose his files. SO what can i do now with thhat?

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I feel you because I went through the same thing for a whole day. Here is what I did; I downloaded the official froyo rom and unzipped it. I wanted the update.app, and cust_updated.app. I created a folder called dload at the root of an SD card, then put the two files inside it. I then booted the phone with both increase and decrease buttons pressed, and voila!! My problems were solved. Hope that helps.

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