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Guest Mjolinor

If you buy one of these off ebay you will be lucky to get the original charger and without that you are stuck with 10 hour charging at limited current (<400ma) from either a PC or mains charger.

The original charger has a stupid 10 pin mini USB plug that until very recently you have been unable to buy and the original charger seems not to be available anywhere.

I found a fix :)

I was modding one to mount it in my car and so pulled it apart to work out how best to do it and it seems that in order to get it to charge at up to two amps all you need to do is to connect the two data lines together at the tablet end. In this mode it will charge in under two hours.

So basically take a USB plug and a USB socket, solder pin one on the socket to one on the plug, 4 on the socket to four on the plug and solder 2 to 3 on the socket (tablet end). Take your 2 amp USB charger that you get anywhere and plug your adapter into it then your normal USB cable into the other end and into the tablet.

Do not use this adapter if you are charging from a PC because it will damage the PC USB port.

Go to settings about phone status and the battery status will say "Charging (AC)" if you did it right. If it says "Not charging" or "Charging (USB) or the magic smoke comes out then you did it wrong.

No responsibility accepted for creation of any bricks.

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