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Only 384mb of ram to work with?

Guest kn100

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I was trying to figure out why this phone is so terrible at multitasking when I came across the startling fact that the device only seems to show 384mb of ram to Android. After an app kill using advanced task killer there's barely 100mb free - I think this explains it.

Any ideas as to why and if this is fixable?

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Or use Swapper2, creating a swap file.

1. Download it from here.

2. Open Swapper2 go to Settings.

3. Swap place put "/sdcard2/swapfile.swp" instead of "/sdcard/swapfile.swp". (it uses the internal storage because it have faster speeds)

4. Swap size="what size you want" ; Swappiness=60;

5. Select Advanced pref. and check Recreate swap file; and Reformat Swap;

6. Go back to app press 'On'.

7. Thats it!

To see if its working open Terminal and type "free", swap should NOT be "0", if its not zero swap is working.

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Never mind it just started showing used heh - I can definitely feel the difference too! No idea how this works but it is! Thank you

Magic! :D :D , you're welcome.

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