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Galaxy Note II clones

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Hi there, it been so long since i've been on the forums though i still follow Modaco News. I will try to return more often.

I've been looking at the 5.3 inch,1 ghz dual core (mtk6577), 1gb RAM..and there seems to be loads that look the same (rebranded?) on aliexpress.

I wanna try a 5 inch and thought a Chinese phone would be perfect and cheap. I have a Nexus 7 for most thing and my phone is for day time at work :P

Anyone had any experience with these note 2 copies?

Also I'm a little confused as to weather they will work on Three UK

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Be very careful with any note or note 2 copies as a lot of them state 1GB ram but have only actually got 512mb. I'm waiting on my jiayu g3 to be delivered which has confirmed specs but the unbranded chinese clones are a bit hit and miss really I think due to false specs advertised etc.

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I would like if these clones would get a subforum here on Modaco, as they are pretty wide spread and it is not easy to search and put together info from all over the net.

Indeed, I have bought a chinese clone who advertised 1 gb ram but instead came only with 512 mb and ICS instead of JB.

Talked with seller, apologies, refunded some money which was the difference in price of the lesser model, sold it on ebay.

Bought another, came with real JB and 1 gb ram. It is marvellous, works like a charm, totally another world from my previous Skate.

I have ordered the second one as my better half fell inlove with this phone and pretty much assumed proprietary rights of it.

It is exactly like the Zopo models, only much cheaper, at 125 €. Dual SIM, two cameras, dual core MT6577 at 1,0 ghz, 1 gb ram, 2,5 gb internal space for apps. Came only with 512 mb and 2 gb for data but there are apps which modified the partitioning into one solid block of 2,5 gb.

Also CWM recovery works OK.

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