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[ROM][26/1] Blade v4.6.0 | 240 MB | AROMA Tweaks v2.1 | Extremely Fast | EPIC Battery

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Why Blade? Well, I'll be honest with you. At just 239 MB, this is as light, fast, and battery conservative as a Sense ROM can get. With the AROMA Package (separate download), you get tons of mods and tweaks from all over XDA, which include Lyapota's mods, Recents Screen mods, battery mods, Rosie mods, 3rd party apps, and more :D

Since it uses OrDroid as a base, it is obviously rooted, with SuperSU, apps are zipaligned, it has busybox, all that jazz.

Well, how fast is it really is? And what about battery? Don't take my word for it.Read these reviews for its amazing speed, and elongated battery life. Oh, and check out

Also, you get support on any questions/feedback/suggestions you have, 24/7.

Well, enough with the teasing, where can you download it? And the Tweaks package? All Here:



Blade v4.6.0

AROMA Package v2.1



[SIZE='5'][B]Blade AROMA Package v2.1[/B][/SIZE]

- New cool splash image that you saw

before you got to this page :)

- Added this line

- Added Lyapota's EQS and MusicBox

from his Mods Pack

- Re-Orginized to prevent conflicts between mods

- Fixed xLoud not flashing

- Added Restore function for HTC's:

- - Lockscreens

- - Skins

- Ringtones

- Alarms

- Notifications

- Added Modded CPU Config by Iba21

- Updated some info

- Updated Remove Beats Notification & Powersave mods

- Fixed a few mistakes

- Added this v2.1 changelog

- Added HTCCalendar fix

- Added Friend Stream fix


- Lowered size to 239 MB

- Removed Lots of Unnecessary Stuff

- Fixed Syncing Error (Red Arrows) in Accounts & Sync

- Removed NoiseField.apk (Bubbles LWP)

- Removed Unnecessary Font Files

(gcsh00d-hkscs.ttf, MTLmr3m.ttf, ucsh00d_c.ttf)

- Build.prop Mods:

- Better and Faster Streaming

- Video Acceleration

- Better Battery Usage

- Removed YouTube and GMaps APKs (Dramatic Size reduction)

(Can be downloaded from Play Store)

[SIZE='4'][B]Blade AROMA package v2[/B][/SIZE]

- Fixed CameraMod

- Removed MusicBox (Caused Issues) (Beats 10.5 by MemAllocator instead)

- Re-Orginized menus

- Added some apps selection to AROMA:

- - ES File Explorer

- - GO Launcher EX

- - Airdroid

- - Renovate Gaming Boost

- - Rotation Locker

- - MX Player

- - Android 4.2 Camera

- Added xLoud

- Added JB Camera & Gallery

- Fixed NFC installation when not selcted

- Fixed Longpress Mod

- Added Rosie 5x6 Portrait

- Fixed Recent Apps Mod

- Maybe some other stuff I've forgot...


- AROMA Tweaks Package (Separate Download) With tons of tweaks and mods from all over XDA! :D

- Removed tons of unnecessary files

- Reduced ROM size to a mere 253 MB, without removing anything essential

(All previously included features are still there)

- 2 Custom Blade Wallpapers. One by me, the better one by Jonas2295! Find them in HTC Wallpapers.

- Blade Official Wallpaper introduced (Jonas2295) and is the default wallpaper in the ROM.

- Some more stuff I probably forgot

[SIZE='4'][U][B]Other Changelog for 21st Jan:[/B][/U][/SIZE]

- Introducing Our AROMA Tweaks package. With over 40 different tweaks, and custom desensing options included, this what you want.


- Rebased on OrDroidX v12.5.0

- OrDroidX Base was built from scratch.

- ROM rebuilt from the ground up

- HTC Mail widget re-added

- Added AOSP Recents App mod by Hassan89 with battery %

- Fixed HTC Media Link HD Connection issues (DLNA)

[SIZE='4'][U][B]Second Changelog for 12th Jan:[/B][/U][/SIZE]

- Updated Desensing Script to V4, now removes all Sense widgets (Including Mail Widget)

[SIZE='4'][U][B]Changelog for 12th Jan:[/B][/U][/SIZE]

- Updated Desensing Script to V3, now removes all Sense widgets.


- Rebased on OrDroidX v12.1.1 (3.14.401.31) (thanks Shnizlon!)

- Rebuilt from the ground up.

- Reoptimized all APKs and framework files using SDK r21.0.1.

- More free RAM, less battery usage.

- Faster loading of apps, and overall improved performance.

- A new and simple Blade Wallpaper.

- A new battery mod, similar, but in Aluminium dark colours

- Profiles Widget Added

- HTC Media Link HD Features re-added

- 3 Dot menu from apps removed

- HTC Screenshot feature enabled

- New Desensing Script

- Updated Google Play Services.

- Other minor changes and fixes.


- Rebased on OrDroidX v12.0.0 (3.14.401.31) (thanks Shnizlon!)

- Rebuilt from the ground up

- New icons for Advanced Power Menu. (Cheers @Jotha and Shnizlon)

- Fixed Bookmarks Sync

- Even lighter (282 MB)

- Updated Google Maps

- Cleaned build.prop

- Other minor changes and fixes.


- Rebased on OrDroidX v11.2.1 (3.14.401.27) (thanks Shnizlon!)

- Rebuilt from the ground up

- Added Rosie with menu support.

- Added Advanced Power Menu. (Cheers @Jotha and Shnizlon)

- Added Enhanced Blue Battery Percent mod (MichXDA)

- Removed HTC Lockscreen from Desensed Version

- Fixed the custom ringtone selection issue

- Fixed HTC Sync app - (Thanks Lyapota)

- Fixed background color banding.

- Updated Dropbox gallery fix - (Thanks Lyapota)

- Updated YouTube.


- Rebased on 3.14.401.27 (OrDroidX v11.1.0, thanks Shnizlon!)

- Rebuilt from the ground up

- Added No Lockscreen option

- Added Music Widget

- Updated Google Play Services.

- Updated Gmail.

- All previous mods, tweaks and fixed included.

- Other minor changes and fixes.

[SIZE='4'][U][B]v1.0.1 (Incremental)[/B][/U][/SIZE]

- Added HTC Mail app with Corporate Sync


- Initial Release



1) Download ROM zip

2) Place zip in your phone's sdcard.

3) Extract boot.img from it onto your computer

4) Move the boot.img to the folder where your fastboot files are

5) Press Sift + Right clock and select 'Open command window here'

6) ON your phone, bootup to the bootloader screen and select fastboot

(Should change to fastboot USB when connected to your computer)

7) Type in "fastboot erase cache" (Without Quotes) And press enter.

8) Type in "fastboot flash boot boot.img" (Without Quotes) And press enter, make sure command goes through.

9) Type in "fastboot erase cache" (Without Quotes) And press enter.

10) Go into recovery on your phone.

11) Make a full wipe, wipe data/factory reset; wipe cache partition; wipe dalvik cache

12) Install ROM from sdcard.

13) Boot up

14) After the first boot, you can go into recovery and flash any mods or the Blade AROMA package

15) Enjoy



Team Blade:

Team Leader:


Senior Assistant Developer:


Junior Assistant Developer:


Beta Testers:




Graphic Designers:

Jonas 2295



Other XDA Members:

Shnizlon (For the main ROM base, Thanks! :D)

geko95gek, for OP instructions, constant help, and help with the bootanimation :D

Jotha (Awesome APM Mod)

Mwilky (Rosie with menu support, and help)

secXces_debaki (Awesome Build.prop mods and Making ROM lighter! [v4.6.0]

MichXDA (Battery Mods)

Hassan89 (Recents mods)

MemAllocator (Beats Mod)

Lyapota (All his mods)

Dougi (Rosie Mods)

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