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Recover from DFU mode?

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I am do not speake English. In Russia, we can update acqua to ics from dfu:


To download, you need register. There is very difficult, and this ROM from zte v889d. It's v880e with 2sim. ROM 100% work in acqua, and after update unlocking device to free sim. One nuance: you lost imei. It's removed... Sorry, my English is bed... Just ask on the Russian forum, perhaps

someone knows English, and be able to

explain to you well.

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I tried the recovery procedure for the v880e and I lost DFU. Now-as I say above- I'm stuck in qualcomm loader. I don't think there is anything I can do from here.

So far all tests to revive the phone failed. For some reason the phone refuses to execute correctly the hex files send to it.

I came to this bad situation because recovery is not working correctly. Format fails. There is no such problem in the Russian forums. So there must be some differences in the v880e and P740.

Now I'm looking for internal pictures of the v880e to compare with my phone.

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