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S-OFF the unlocked Sensation XE to install JB

Guest theionmodaco

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This could be a regular discussion in this forum, but I am seeking all the techies' help to solve my problem. I own a HTC Sensation XE which came with GB installed. I unlocked the bootloader thro' HTCdev.com's instructions and S-OFFed it to install ICS before the official release. The phone was working fine until the official ICS OTA upgrade. After this my phone bootloader shows as below:

*** UNLOCKED ***




Mar 2 2012,18:14:34

Now should I say that the phone bootloader is unlocked? but why S-ON status changed? When I checked the root status of my phone using #rootchecker, it was negative :(. Even Titanium backup identified that my phone has lost root access. :o

I tried the following to get access to my phone's root, but in vain. :wacko:

Tried to use htcdev.com's instruction to unlock the bootloader (assuming my phone's bootloader is still locked)

Tried to factory reset using the bootloader menu, also in vain.

Now I want to know how to S-OFF my phone and install JB :wub: . If I missed any details, I am happy to provide.

Thanks in advance.

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