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Internet Sharing - Blocked by operator on plan. How to bypass?

Guest stevehoot

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Hi Guys,

Got a Lumia 800 with 7.8 on it (taken from Navifirm) and all working fine (as it was using 7.5).

However my operator in the UK (Orange) blocks teathering unless you have a special plan and pay more for it. Personally I find this disgusting as I don't require teathering per se - just ad hoc for testing the odd thing out. Therefore paying it not really an option as I don't need it on a monthly basis.

Also I feel that I pay for 1Gb data allowance - surely I should be able to use that how I wish.

When using Android, I used custom ROM's and could teather without problems.

Anyone know how to bypass operator restrictions? If I put my SIM into a rooted Android device with custom ROM it works fine - seems like Orange have some killswitch applied to the WP device for Internet Sharing which only they can remove.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Steve

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