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[help] Earjack not working properly

Guest Rogier1337

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Since some time the earjack of my HTC one x stopped working properly,

When i insert my headphones or speakers the phone doesn't recognise the jack (not displaying the headphones in status bar) nor will it play music over them.

When i reboot (from reboot menu NOT by just shutting down and powering it on again) it recognises the jack and works great, untill I take them out. The phone still thinks the headphones are inserted (not pausing my music when i take them out) and also im not able to take calls on the phone without my headphones in or turning it to loudspeaker.

When i reboot my phone again without the headphones inserted it returns to original state (with headphones not being recognised when i connect them)

Anyone suggestions on how i could fix this?

Kind regards,


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