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[MOD] Change The Size Of Data & sdcard_ext download now

Guest rickywyatt

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Change The Size Of Data & Sdcard_ext


You and you alone are responsible for what you are about to do.

I or Modaco will not take responsibility if you brick your phone



This is only for experts with adb shell as this has to be done manually


The whole point in this is, as you know, we have sdcard enabled now so

there's no need for sdcard_ext is just setting there. Which is a waste.

So what I set out to do was to move this space to the data partition so

we could use that space to put more applications on phone.

old layout is

1.9gb data

1gb cache

16gb sdcard

10gb sdcard_ext

new partition layout is

12gb data

1gb cache

16gb sdcard

778mb sdcard_ext

this does not touch your external sdcard

you can do back to original partitions if you what to


If something goes wrong and you really need my help then pm me - but please consider small donation

as every penny helps. I'll try my hardest to help you if and when I can.



Data Size mod zip

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