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Padfone 2 rebooting when moving from Wifi to mobile data

Guest SwiftDropkick

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I live in a city with a rather large free public Wifi network, which is good news for my phone bill. However, it has some coverage dead spots, some of which I pass through daily.

When passing through dead spots, my phone can switch between Wifi and mobile data multiple times. This is to be expected.

However, what I did not expect was that my phone soft resets (phone stops responding, screen goes black, phone vibrates, Asus logo appears, Asus boot animation appears). This happens almost every time I pass through two particular dead spots (it may happen elsewhere in the city, but I don't go near those areas normally).

I've tried a factory reset; this did not work (and caused further problems vis-a-vis SMS backup restoration; see my other thread).

I've tried turning off auto-sync; no effect.

The only thing that stops it is turning off Wifi when passing through that area.

Now, this may sound like a "the streetlight turns off when I walk under it" situation, but I have managed to reproduce this event no less than 3 times in a row on the same day at one of these dead spots, each time with my phone connected to my laptop via ADB and running logcat. However, I lose the ADB connection just before the Padfone reboots, so I'm not sure if the logcat dumps are informative. I'm posting one anyway, truncated completely arbitrarily to fit under 2MB.

What is going on with my phone?


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